Research for healthy Aging

translating innovative research into effective treatments for age-related diseases

Memory Impairment

From noticeable changes in memory to late stage Alzheimer’s disease, we offer guidance, resources, and the hope of new research initiatives to tailor specific care to each individual.  Look at the various symptoms related to each cognitive disorder to find the right doctor for you.


The most common long-lasting source of pain and inflammation of the knee and hip joints.  Allow us to properly diagnose your arthritis and utilize research based data to aid in your long term care.

Our Purpose

The Oklahoma Center for GeroScience & Healthy Brain Aging provides a patient centered approach for early diagnosis and treatment of age related cognitive disorders.

We conduct innovative research studies on the causes for, and treatment of, age-related brain diseases with the goal of maintaining quality of life.

Meet Our People

A large group of highly trained clinicians, educators, and researchers comprise the Oklahoma Center for GeroScience and Healthy Brain Aging.  

We are passionate about understanding the mechanisms of aging and age-related diseases to educate and care for Oklahomans to promote a high quality of life in their later years.  We will always strive to communicate the knowledge and resources to our patients and their families to facilitate healthy aging in the absence or presence of disease.

Faculty Membership

As a clinician, educator, or researcher working in the area of age related diseases and research we would like to encourage you to join our crusade to understand the aging process to both attenuate disease and to increase the quality of life as we all get older.

The Center would like to offer you a community of collaborators and resources to further your goals.  Please partner with us.

Discoveries that Promote Healthy Aging

Join us in the discovery of healthy aging.  Consider donating time or money to the understanding of the aging process and combating age related diseases

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you need to find a doctor, understand your symptoms, know the latest standard of care, or find out how you can get involved we are here for you and your loved ones.