​Arlan Richardson, Ph.D.


Dr. Richardson is an author on 275 peer reviewed journal articles.   In addition, he has received numerous awards for his research in aging, e.g., the Nathan Shock Award from the Gerontology Research Center at the NIA, the Robert W. Kleemeier Award from the Gerontological Society of America, the Harman Research Award from the American Aging Association, the Irving Wright Award of Distinction in Aging Research from the American Federation for Aging Research, and the Lord Cohen Medal for Services to Gerontology from the British Society for Research on Ageing.

PhD 1968, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma

BA 1963, Peru State College, Nebraska

​Research Overview

Over the past 35 years, Dr. Richardson’s research has focused on various aspects of aging, e.g., (i) the effects of aging and dietary restriction on gene expression in rats and mice, (ii) testing the oxidative stress theory of aging by measuring the effect of alterations in the antioxidant defense system on the lifespan and pathology of transgenic and knockout mice, and (iii) most recently, studying the effect of rapamycin on aging and age-related diseases. Currently, his research is focused on two areas: 1) the role of oxidative stress, necroptosis, and inflammation in aging, and 2) the effect of genotype and level of restriction on the anti-aging mechanism of dietary restriction.     

 Dr. Richardson has a long history of training/mentoring students and fellows. Since 1971, he has mentored/directed the thesis research of 32 graduate students who received MS degrees and 26 graduate students who have received PhD degrees at either Illinois State University or the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. He also has trained 25 post-doctoral fellows and served as a mentor on NIH, VA, and Beeson grants for 16 junior faculty.  In addition, he has served for 10 years as the PI on the NIA Summer Workshop for training junior faculty interested in pursuing a research career in aging and has been involved in the Summer Workshop for the past 20 years.

​Richardson Lab

Arlan Richardson, Ph.D.


​Ramasamy Selvarani

​Graduate Student

​Michelle Ranjo-Bishop


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​University of Oklahoma Health Science Center

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