​Comprehensive Management

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Toolkit

An Assess and Restore approach to care involves earlier access to comprehensive assessment, for older adults who are at high risk for loss of independence.

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) is the gold standard in best practice for managing frailty in older adults. CGA is an interprofessional diagnostic and intervention process that involves systematic evaluation across multiple domains, in order to identify treatable health-related problems, and develop a coordinated plan of care to maximize overall health with aging.


  • ​Direction
  • ​Goals
  • ​Peace of Mind

​Role of the Geriatrician

​Coordination of all aspects of the patient and disease.

​Resident Expert

​Lee Jennings, MD

​The GeroScience Center’s resident geriatrician specializing in the management and treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr. Jennings has dedicated her career to assisting patients in the management of various aspects of this widespread disease in turn increasing quality of life. Dr. Jennings has also taken a lead role in the education and training of the health care community to elevate best practices that benefit both patients and care takers.

​Steps to Manage Dementia Care