​Holly Van Remmen, Ph.D.


​​Postdoctoral Fellow 1995, University of Texas Health Science Center, Texas

PhD 1991, University of Texas Health Science Center, Texas

BS 1983, Eastern Illinois University, Illinois

Research Overview

There are two interconnected lines of research in the Van Remmen laboratory. The first is the study of how oxidative stress and mitochondrial function modulate age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass and function (sarcopenia), neuromuscular degeneration (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)) and changes in motor neurons in aging and neuromuscular disease.  Our research uses mouse models of altered oxidative stress and mitochondrial function to probe these pathways. We utilize a number of experimental approaches from in vivo assessment of animal behavior, motor function, neuronal and muscle function to approaches in cell culture, tissue samples or in isolated mitochondria. At the biochemical level, we interrogate pathways involved in aging and disease using molecular approaches to measure changes in mRNA and proteins. Finally, the Van Remmen laboratory is also a Core facility in the Nathan Shock Center for Excellence in the Biology of Aging.

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​Van Remmen Lab

​Holly Van Remmen, Ph.D.

​Principal Investigator

​Bumsoo Ahn, Ph.D.

​​Research Assistant Member

​Shylesh Bhaskaran, Ph.D.

​Staff Scientist

​Kavithalakshmi Sataranatarajan, Ph.D

​​Staff Scientist

​Jacob Brown, Ph.D.

​​Post Doctoral Fellow

​Yang Xu, Ph.D.

​​Post Doctoral Fellow

​​Gavin Pharaoh, Ph.D.

​Post Doctoral Fellow

​Rojina Ranjit

​Research Assistant

​Ashley Murphy

​Senior Laboratory Technician

​Ryan McIntire

Research Technician

Lauren Oliver

Research Technician

Parker Kneis

Affiliate, Research Technician

​Kat Piekarz

​Graduate Student


​​Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

​825 NE 13th Street, Chapman Building S108-S112

Oklahoma City OK 73104

Lab Phone: (405) 271-2653

​Office Phone: (405) 271-2​520


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