​Matlock Jeffries, M.D.


​Rheumatology Fellow 2014-2016,  University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

MD 2010,  University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

​BS 2005, ​University of Oklahoma

​Research Overview

​My laboratory focuses on how the environment interfaces with the genome during the development and progression of the most common cause of disability in the US, osteoarthritis. We study epigenetics, which is a branch of science that deals with various chemicals and proteins which interact with genes in order to turn them on and off. We have previously shown that epigenetic patterns are significantly changed in the cartilage of OA patients as their OA progresses, and that epigenetic patterns within the bone underlying this cartilage also changes. We have also recently published a study which showed that epigenetic patterns within circulating blood cells are also changed in OA patients, and that these changes can be used to predict patients who will experience rapid OA progression compared to nonprogressive patients. Our laboratory is now interested in studying the ways in which individual OA risk factors, including obesity and aging, alter the epigenetic patterns of cartilage and circulating blood cells.

​Jeffries Lab

Matlock Jeffries, M.D.

​Principal Investigator

​Christopher Dunn

​graduate student

​Madison Andrews

​Internal Medicine resident

​Cassandra Velasco

​medical student

​Cassandra Garman

​laboratory technician

​Jake Martin

​laboratory technician

​Vladislav Izda

​undergraduate student, laboratory technician


​Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Laboratory MC400

​825 NE 13th St.

Oklahoma City OK 73104

​Phone: ​(405) 271-7438


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