​Timothy Griffin, Ph.D.


Postdoctoral Fellow 2007, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC

PhD 2002, University of Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

​BA 1996,  ​Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

​Research Overview

​Osteoarthritis is the primary cause of disability among adults in the United States, resulting in a substantial decline in health and mobility. The two greatest risk factors for osteoarthritis are aging and obesity. Our laboratory uses many different approaches to study how aging and obesity alter metabolic, inflammatory, and biomechanical processes that cause the development of osteoarthritis. For example, we are studying how dietary fats, fat-related hormones, and joint loading damage cells that grow and repair cartilage. We are particularly interested in the role of sirtuins (e.g., Sirt3) as regulators of cellular metabolism, mitochondrial function, and oxidative stress responses to protect against osteoarthritis during aging and obesity.

In addition, we are investigating how fat tissue in joints can contribute to synovial inflammation by altering the metabolic environment of the joint. This research focusses on the role of physical activity in regulating immuno-metabolic coupling of synovial macrophages. We use a variety of genetically modified mouse models to study the effect of voluntary exercise and controlled biomechanical loading on post-traumatic joint inflammation and pain. By studying the interaction of diet and physical activity during aging, we hope to reveal novel pathways that regulate cartilage health and joint inflammation. Furthermore, by examining behavioral changes in our animal models that measure function and pain, we emphasize clinically relevant outcome measures so that we can better translate our finding to patients.

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​​Griffin Lab

Timothy Griffin, Ph.D.

​Principal Investigator

​Padmaja Mehta D’souza, Ph.D.

​Staff Scientist

​Albert Batushansky, Ph.D.

​Assistant Staff Scientist

​Ravi Komaravolu, Ph.D.

​Postdoctoral Fellow

​Shouan Zhu, Ph.D.

​​Postdoctoral Fellow

​Taylor Block, B.S.

​Senior Research Technician

​Dominic Cortassa, B.S.

​Research Technician

​Anita Jopkiewicz, B.S.

​Research Trainee

​Kamil Kobak, M.S.

​Research Trainee 


​Oklahoma ​Medical Research Foundation

​Aging & Metabolism Research Program

​Chapman Building, S-202 & S-203

Oklahoma City OK 73104

​Phone: ​(405) 271-7549